Tiny Restaurant

A cozy space where conviviality and culinary sophistication come together in an intimate setting. Our small restaurant reflects the warm atmosphere and gastronomic splendor of our central restaurant. With the same attention to detail and tasteful decor. This space is perfect for intimate dinners, baby showers, meetings or private parties.


  • Number of People: 1-12.

  • Seats and Tables: Flexible arrangements for meetings, dinners or other events. -

  • Beamer: For slide shows, presentations or movies (for a fee).

  • Internet Access: Free Wi-Fi

  • Sanitary Facilities: Nearby restrooms for the convenience of attendees.


Discover our versatile catering options dei perfectly fit any time of your event. From business lunches that boost energy during meetings to delicious high-teas that make a birthday extra festive. Let us enrich your event culinary with tasty dishes and drinks. From savory to sweet, and everything in between, we provide the perfect taste experience for any occasion. Let the enjoyment begin!

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